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Precision nutrition for forestry

Arevo's roots are in the forest. Our products make plants better equipped to survive the first difficult years and grow stronger, all the way from the nursery to a fully-grown tree. We provide liquid products for nurseries and granulates used when planting. Our precision technology means you only need to use a small amount to stimulate a plant’s' own processes - and the effects last a lifetime. All Arevo products are based on the same core technology and are easy to use at all stages of cultivation.

Fertilizers are essential for growth in most types of cultivation. But conventional products can have numerous negative side effects, such as nutrient loss into the environment and waterways, carbon dioxide-intensive production and damage to soil and microbes. At Arevo we have found a better way to combine strong growth, viable plants and healthy soil with minimal nutrient waste.

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Forests that grow on nature's terms

Viable plants

Arevo's products stimulate the formation of fine roots and mycorrhiza. They create the ideal conditions for rapid establishment, survival and long-term growth, as well as provide insurance against a changing climate with recurring dry periods.


Arevo's products improve a plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. This results in long-term positive effects on a tree's growth.

Healthy soil & environment

When you use Arevo's products, nitrogen isn't lost into the environment. It stays where it should - in the plant. Arevo's products also encourage plant interaction with soil microbes. And as less nitrogen is needed, plant growth is stimulated with minimal environmental impact.

"The reforestation results are better, with improved survival rates. And it grows faster. "

Johan Gotthardsson
Forestry contractor, Gottes Skog & Röj

"I have used arGrow on pine, larch, spruce and contorta and see a clear increase in growth compared to other plants."

Solveig Larsson
Forest Owner, Umeå, Sweden

Products for planting

Planting with Arevo's product arGrow is easy. A dose of granulates is added during planting, using a standard planting tube equipped with a dosing function. It is also possible to use a hand dispenser. The granules stimulate root development, rapid establishment and growth. Our granulates have been proven in the field, with more than 95 million seedlings successfully planted with arGrow.

Products for nurseries

Arevo offers various liquid products used to grow robust plants - without nitrogen loss into the surrounding environment. More than 600 million seedlings have been grown in nurseries using Arevo's products.

Organic nitrogen based on amino acids

Arevo's technology is based on world-leading and ground-breaking research into the way plants absorb nutrients. The research behind Arevo's products is as revolutionary as it is simple. It focuses on how plants use the amino acid arginine as a natural source of nitrogen – the nutrient most important to plants. Using only small amounts, and without actually changing anything in the soil, Arevo helps plants to flourish.

  • Efficient nutrient utilization
  • No nitrogen waste
  • Rapid root uptake
  • Stress-resistant plants