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Precision nutrition for agriculture

Fertilizers are vital to ensure growth in most areas of cultivation. Many, however, come with a multitude of harmful side effects, such as nutrient loss into the environment, CO2-intense production and a negative impact on soil and microbes. Arevo has found a way to combine strong crop yields, healthy plants and fertile soil with minimal nitrogen waste. Our technology is based on organic nitrogen in the form of arginine - an amino acid with unique properties.
Arevo's technology stimulates root growth from seed to harvest and encourages interaction between plants and beneficial microbes. Our crop nutrition is built upon precision. You only need to use a small amount of nutrients to stimulate a plant’s own natural processes and get benefits that last the entire growing season - plus environmental effects that last even longer. All Arevo products are based on the same technology and are designed to be easy to introduce at different stages of cultivation.

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Strong yields with minimal nutrient waste

Ensure great yields

Arevo's products stimulate a plant's ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil, which leads to better productivity.

Promote plant resilience

Arevo's products improve root growth, which increases a plant’s ability to withstand stress.

Healthier soil & environment

Arevo's products don't leech nitrogen into the environment and promote interactions with beneficial microbes.


Precision nutrition for every stage of growth



Arevo makes it possible to coat seeds with nitrogen. Arevo's on-seed solutions don't interfere with germination or the early development of a seedling, and also encourage interaction with beneficial microbes.


When planting

Arevo's granular products are placed directly by the seed at planting for improved root growth and stimulation of microbial interaction. Our technology enables a controlled release without the need for plastic coatings.


Liquid applications

Arevo's liquid nutrition is applied during irrigation or as a foliar spray to enable nutrient supply throughout the season. Arginine-based formulations can be adapted for specific crops and cropping systems.

Organic nitrogen based on amino acids

At the core of our science is world-leading and ground-breaking research into plant nutrient uptake. The research behind Arevo's products is as revolutionary as it is simple. At its core is an insight into how plants can use the amino acid arginine as a natural source of nitrogen – the nutrient most important to plants. Using only small amounts, and without actually changing anything in the soil, Arevo helps plants to flourish.

  • Revolutionary nutrient use efficiency
  • No nitrogen waste
  • Rapid root growth
  • Robust plants