Zero Waste by Precision Nutrition 

Grow healthy plants with zero nitrogen waste

We know it is possible to combine sustainable cultivation with high crop yields. It all starts at the roots. Arevo's precision nutrition harnesses nature's own processes to help plants form strong roots. It makes them stronger, more resilient and better equipped to withstand drought and stress. Arevo's nutrition stays where it should - in the plants themselves. Which means less waste of resources and no stress on the surrounding soil and environment.


We want to change global cultivation systems to achieve better growth with less negative impact on our environment. Our ongoing goal is the creation of a system that yields viable plants in fertile soil using nature's own processes. A zero nitrogen waste system in which a small amount of nutrition has a huge effect.

Science + nature + precision

Arevo's roots spring from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and are based on the award-winning research of Professor Torgny Näsholm into how plants can use amino acids as natural sources of organic nitrogen. Our precision nutrition combines strong growth and stress resistance with sustainability and simplified cultivation. Arevo's concept is fundamentally different compared to conventional fertilizers. The purpose is not to fertilize plants, but instead to stimulate root growth. By harnessing nature's own processes our specialized nutrition produces robust plants with strong long-term growth.

Organic nitrogen based on amino acids

Arevo's technology is based on world-leading and ground-breaking research into plant nutrient uptake. The research behind Arevo's products is as revolutionary as it is simple. At its core is an insight into how plants can use the amino acid arginine as a natural source of nitrogen – the nutrient most important to plants.

Work with us?

Help us put a end to nitrogen waste

At Arevo research and science are in our DNA. Our technology is based on research from The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and we collaborate closely with universities and institutions worldwide. Our team is united by a desire to contribute to a better way of farming, with less impact on the environment and a better use of the earth's resources. Together we want to put an end to nitrogen waste.

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Niklas Åström, CEO

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Prof. Torgny Näsholm, CTO

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Dr. Regina Gratz, CPO

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Dr. Mattias Holmlund, Head of Production

Head of Production
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