What are the effects of planting with Arevo arGrow ?

arGrow stimulates the growth of roots and benefits microbes in the soil. Plants supplied with arGrow quickly develop robust root systems that improve water and nutrient absorption from the surrounding soil. The result is strong plants and trees that grow faster and that can withstand drought better. Well-developed roots continue to benefit the tree's vitality and growth throughout its lifetime.

Adding a small amount of arGrow when planting pine, spruce, birch, etc. means they will establish themselves more quickly. They are also better equipped to withstand the shock that occurs when they are removed from the nursery and planted in the forest. More plants survive and can go on to become healthy trees.

arGrow is based on the amino acid arginine and has been developed using ground-breaking research into plant nutrient uptake. Plants absorb both inorganic and organic nitrogen from the soil, but research shows they prefer the organic nitrogen source arginine which is commonly found in many natural ecosystems such as forest soils. Arginine can be absorbed by plant roots much faster than other forms of nitrogen. Arginine also binds strongly to soil particles, which results in minimal levels of nitrogen waste compared to other forms of plant nutrition.

The advantage of arGrow:
There are many ways to measure a plant's vitality and growth, but there are some factors that show clear improvement after using arGrow:

  • Root growth and root mass
  • Total biomass
  • Stem base diameter
  • Presence of mycorrhiza

Don't fertilize with arGrow
arGrow has a biostimulating effect, which means that a small amount of the active substance is used to stimulate a plant's own growth processes. Unlike with conventional mineral fertilizers, a very small amount of nitrogen is used. This means that arGrow has little impact on the plant's nitrogen content and no negative effect on the soil's nitrogen cycle.

Trial plantings with arGrow have been carried out in over 70 different locations throughout Sweden since 2016, both by Arevo and in collaboration with independent researchers and forestry companies.

arGrow has been used in commercial reforestation since 2019, and many of the largest forestry companies use arGrow when planting their own forests. In total, over 95 million trees have been planted covering approximately 45,000 hectares with Arevo arGrow granules, and over 600 million seedlings have been grown in nurseries with liquid Arevo products.

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