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Grow healthy plants with zero nitrogen waste

Despite major advances in our agricultural systems, they all have one critical flaw: they loose nitrogen into the environment. The consequences to our planet are devastating. Our waterways are being polluted, our soil contaminated and global warming remains unchecked. At Arevo we know it is possible to combine sustainable cultivation with healthy crop yields. Our solutions provide long-lasting effects that make plants stronger, more resilient and better equipped to withstand drought and stress. With zero nitrogen waste.

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Zero waste by precision nutrition

Ensure Yield

Arevo's products stimulate root growth. It strengthens the plants and enables them to absorb more water and nutrients from the soil.

Robust plants

Arevo's solutions provide more robust root systems and facilitate interaction with soil microbes. It increases the plants' resistance to stress.

Healthy soil and enviroment

Arevo makes it possible to nourish plants without leakage of nitrogen. The products also help the interaction between plants and microbes. Good news for both the soil and the environment.

Organic nitrogen based on amino acids

Arevo's technology is based on world-leading and ground-breaking research into plant nutrient uptake. The research results behind Arevo's products are as revolutionary as they are simple. At its core is an insight into how plants can use the amino acid arginine as a natural source of nitrogen – the nutrient most important to plants.

  • Revolutionary nutrient use efficiency
  • No nitrogen waste
  • Rapid root growth
  • Robust plants

"The results of the reforestation are better, with improved survival rates. And it grows faster. "

Johan Gotthardsson
Forestry contractor, Gottes Skog & Röj

"I have used it on pine, larch, spruce and contorta and see a clear increase in growth, compared to the other plants."

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Solveig Larsson
Forest owner, Umeå, Sweden